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What Types of Preforming Arts Are There?


Music can be performed using many different kinds of instruments along with many varying styles that is divided into genres. Music may appear in the following formats: live, recorded, planned, or improvised.

If there is interest within music, it may be worth checking out these businesses and their reviews down below!

Humphrey's School Of Musical Theatre

800 Bagby St Houston, TX

Educates and demonstrates the community the talented musical abilities of their students in a way that is accessible to people of all ages.

"My daughter went to their week long camp for the first time this summer and she had a blast. The staff was amazing; you could tell they love working with the kids! I highly recommend this place!"

White Oak Music Hall

2915 N Main St, Houston, TX 77009

The White Oak Music Hall is a live preformace area that people can come to see bands play.

"Very diverse music being played that provides an enjoyable time all around! It is always a pleasure to experience some great live music."


Theater deals with the focus of acting in order to portray a story or a set of stories in front of an audience. This is achieved through the use of speech, gestures, music, and possibly dance.

If there is interest within theater, it may be worth checking out these businesses and their reviews down below!

Main Street Theater

2540 Times Blvd, Houston, TX 77005

Main Street Theater is a local performing-arts service that was established in 1975.

"The theatre was clean and cozy. Staff were friendly and informative.

Went for an evening reading. Actors were good, but I left at intermission as I couldn't take another profanity-laced conversation. The plot was interesting.

The emotion exhibited was powerful, but the author could have used her thesaurus and made it more palatable for a wider audience.

Main Street Theater, I would be happy to come back to see one of your productions!"

The Ensemble Theatre

3535 Main St, Houston, TX 77002

A theater made in 1976 that demonstrates African-American theater & outreach.

"This was my first visit to the Ensemble Theater and I must say that it is a hidden treasure. My daughter and I attended a Girl Scout Event: Christmas Is Coming Uptown! The singing was perfect and trust me, I do not like musicals, but this one was very entertaining. The cast is very talented and enthusiastic; capturing the audience attention from beginning to end. The intermission was also not that long, so that was a plus. Every eat in the theater is a perfect seat given that it is a very small and intimate setting."


Dance refers to human movement that is manipulated based on the rhythm of music.

If there is interest within dance, it may be worth checking out these businesses and their reviews down below!

Tew Academy of Irish Dance

17060 Saturn Ln, Houston, TX 77058

Offers Irish dance classes that people are also able to see their preformances

"Richard is AWESOME!!!! Patient, professional, flexible and WONDERFUL at what he does. The best of the best Irish Dancer ☘️ around town. My kiddo absolutely loves it! We HIGHLY recommend his classes."


2808 Caroline St, Houston, TX 77004-2759

METdance is a company that teaches and preforms contemporary dance. They have classes of all genres for all ages.

"I absolutely love going to see this company's performances. The creativeness of the pieces combined with the technical skills of the dancers make it such a work of art every single time. It will fill your soul with goodness."